High Quality Rigged Crocodile 3D model


Available Formats:

  • Maya 2019 | Arnold
  • Maya 2019 | Arnold
  • FBX 201
  • Other Marmoset
  • Other EnvMap
  • 4K PBR Textures

Polygons Type

  • 60,655 Polygons
  • 62,054 Vertices
  • Polygonal Quads only Geometry

Textures Type

  • Textures
  • Materials
  • UV Mapped
  • non-overlapping Unwrapped UVs

Animate Type

  • Rigged


Realistic 3D crocodile rig for high-end production and personal project.

The model has been sculpted in Zbrush and rigged in Autodesk Maya 2019 so that it can be used for professional animations. For a complete list of the rig features and tutorials, refer to the promotional videos that you find in the right column (PREVIEWS) and download the Tutorial_Crocodile Rig.,mp4

– Clean Topology(quads) and clean Maya Outliner

Model centered in (0,0,0)

4K PBR Textures

no-overlapping UVs


The package comes with the following files:

  • crocodile_rig.mb
  • crocodileRig_LightingSetup.mb
  • crocodileRig_MaterialSetup.mb
  • Textures
  • crocodile_scene.tbscene ( Marmoset bonus scene)
  • crocodile.fbx (for Marmoset)
  • Environment map (for Marmoset)
  • notes.pdf (download from the right column PREVIEWS)

crocodile_rig.mb: a maya scene file (compatible with Autodesk Maya 2019) with a simple blinn shader to see clearly the movements and to play with the controller. This is the same file used for the demostration video and it’s not shaded with Arnold

crocodileRig_LightingSetup.mb: a ready to use maya scene file (compatible with Autodesk Maya 2019) with Shading and Lighting setup in Arnold ( as presented in the maya preview image). You reload the textures and you’ll be ready to render!

crocodileRig_MaterialSetup.mb: a maya scene file (compatible with Autodesk Maya 2019) with just the Arnold Material Setup(aiStandard materials) and no light. Look at the shading network to use all the provided PBR Textures


ARNOLD VERSION: MtoA 4.0.3 – Arnold core

The model is scaled appropriately and center in (0,0,0)

The Texture contains:

base Maps (4K)

  • Base Color Map
  • Normal Map
  • Roughness Map
  • MembraneAlpha Map: for the eye membrane. To be connected to the Arnold EyeMembraneMaterial -> Transmission -> Weight

Additional Maps (4K):

  • Displacement Map
  • Ambient Occlusion Map

crocodile_scene.tbscene: an example of MARMOSET SCENE FILE – VERSION 3.08(see the preview images) to showcase the crocodile. It already contains 2 materials (crocodile and cornea) . crocodile.fbx : fbx file to be used in the previous Toolbag scene

Environment map: (Narita Plaza.tbsky)– an example of environment map to be used for the previous Toolbag scene if not already loaded in Marmoset

the notes.pdf file: color Space used for the Texture. Everything is already setup but when you reload the PBR textures, be sure to follow those guidelines

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